Resource Builder (Site Licence)

Resource Builder (Site Licence) 3.x

Resource BuilderThat was long waited since Borland Resource...

Resource BuilderThat was long waited since Borland Resource WorkShop 4. 5 is happened. Now you have full completed tool for building RC scripts and resource files for your applications.

Resource Builder features include:Bitmaps with any color count: Allows to have in resources bitmaps with any color count without restrictions appeared in Borland Image Editor and Borland Resource WorkShop.

Custom Icons size: Allows to have icons with any width and any height forget about restrictions to use only Windows supported icons. Custom Cursors sizes: Allows to build cursors with custom sizes.

Custom color count in Icons and Cursors: Allows to build icon and cursors with any color count you want (this version allows to have up to 256 colors).

Embedded editors: Allows to use embedded editors for common resource types, such as: BITMAP ICON CURSOR STRINGTABLE MENU ACCELERATORS DIALOG VERSIONINFOJPEG support: Resource Builder can display and edit JPEG images in your resources.

Import resources: Allows to import resources from existing WIN32 executables (EXE, DLL,. ), 32-bit and 16-bit resource files (RES, DCR). Graphic conversion: Allows to save cursors and icons in any graphic format from: BMP, CUR and ICO.

Text editor: Allows to edit resources as text in RC format. RC files: Stores information in RC script files, so you can use them as usual scripts in any third-party applications.

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Resource Builder (Site Licence)


Resource Builder (Site Licence) 3.x

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